SMI Capital - Team Member - Zackary Reitan - Director, Sr. Capital Advisor

Director, Sr. Capital Advisor

Zackary is a highly-skilled commercial loan broker specializing in multi-family loan programs, owner-user commercial real estate and portfolio consolidations.

SMI Capital - Team Member - Michael O’Connor - Sr. Capital Advisor

Sr. Capital Advisor

Michael is a commercial loan broker who specializes in multifamily lending and development built on decade long experience in the financial sector.

SMI Capital - Team Member - Tayler Herman - Director of Operations

Director of Operations

Tayler is a operations, project, staff, and inventory management professional overseeing, directing complex projects delivering multi-million-dollar revenue.

SMI Capital - Team Member - Luke Dilorenzo - Associate Capital Advisor

Associate Capital Advisor

Luke began investing through house-hacking. His understanding of leverage, cashflow and passive income and have shaped a successful career in real estate.