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Brandon is an experienced commercial and residential professional with more than 10 years in lending, treasury and portfolio management.

He has a demonstrated history of working within all aspects of the financial services industry. The skills from this industry include all corners of commercial and residential lending, treasury, portfolio, and risk management. Brandon has a passion for building and maintaining long lasting relationships to those that see value in the knowledge and experience that he can provide for their business. He looks forward to pursuing additional connections and growth with financial institutions as well as clients that consider SMI Capital for their unique needs.

What I’m Reading Currently

Excerpt from Economic & Market Update by Dr. David Kelly:

2022 was undoubtably a year of very high and rising inflation with headline CPI inflation peaking at a 9.1% y/y gain in June. The good news is that there are convincing signs that a sustained inflation downtrend is underway. Most recently, consumer prices rose just 0.1% m/m in November, and just 0.2% when excluding food and energy. As we show on page 29, a modest pace of monthly inflation has been mostly sustained over the last five months.

Moreover, when looking at the components of inflation, the major hotspots of inflation from earlier this year have now simmered down. After Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine sent global commodity prices soaring early in 2022, energy prices declined in the second half of the year. Further, easing supply constraints, combined with lower consumer demand, have allowed inflation to simmer across core goods categories. While shelter inflation remains elevated, we expect it will soon peak and decline to reflect cooling rental markets. The remaining problem for inflation, therefore, is services prices outside of shelter, which are highly correlated with labor market dynamics. Fortunately, easing labor market tightness should also allow for services ex-shelter inflation to come down.

High and rising inflation caused pain for consumers and markets in 2022, but inflation is set to ease over the next few years to much more manageable levels, regardless of whether the economy falls into recession.

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