Luke Dilorenzo

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Luke comes from a robust engineering background which has sent him around the world, providing consulting and engineering solutions to clients such as Army Corp of Engineers, Publicly Owned Ports of America, American Bureau of Shipping and many alike.

With his expertise largely focused in welding services and certifications, Luke spent the majority of the last decade building a name for himself amongst that community. While working in these industries, Luke found an interest in single family real estate and began investing in real property at 21 years old through the method commonly referred to as “house-hacking”. This experience grew his understanding of leverage, cashflow and passive income and would go on to shift his focus away from Engineering and into a full time career in the real estate industry.

Luke has been involved in property investments ranging from “fix and flip” projects to growth in his “house-hacking” portfolio and he now has purchased and holds a well-performing real estate portfolio which includes multi-family properties. Through the process of becoming a small-scale investor, Luke and his fiancé found a true passion for helping share their experiences and passion to build generational wealth through real estate with others which led to Luke obtaining his mortgage license and his fiancé, Emily, obtaining her real estate license; both working in producing roles, cultivating and maintaining client relationships. Luke’s passion for problem-solving, finance and [of course] real estate has led him into wanting to deepen his ability to offer multi-family and commercial loan products to the investors that he’s continued to help in their goal of scaling over the years.

SMI Capital - Team Member - Luke Dilorenzo - Associate Capital Advisor