Michael O’Connor

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Michael is a Senior Advisor who specializes in multi-family and development loan structures.

Mike’s skillset is built on a decade of experience in the financial sector, including six years in commercial lending. In addition to his institutional background, he has a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Oregon State University.

Mike’s success is largely attributed to his streamlined processes and his ability to be resourceful with lending relationships, brokerage relationships, property management relationships, and other ancillary professional relationships. Applying logical procedures to complicated processes is one of the many reasons Michael makes for an ideal partner in your search for loan solutions.

In addition to his career activities, Michael sits on the Board of Directors for Cascade Capital Funding, a non-profit community development corporation in the greater-Salem area. As a community development corporation, Cascade Capital is tasked with funding the 40% debenture portion of SBA 504 loans in their mission to provide economic support to small businesses in the Willamette Valley. His experience in these loan structures makes him an expert in SBA lending which feeds into one of his core values as a lender: to assist businesses in securing financing for real estate, business operations, business acquisitions and business startups.

What I’m Reading Currently

Excerpt from Which Real Estate Sectors Are The Best Right Now? by Dane Bowler:

In the world of asset management, portfolio managers are graded on alpha generation, their returns minus the returns of the benchmark. There are various levers which good portfolio managers can pull to try to outperform, with the most common being sector selection and individual stock selection. In other words, they attempt to allocate more assets to the sectors that they think will perform better and the individual stocks within sectors that they think offer superior value/growth.

Like my peers, I also pull these levers, but there is another pool in which I like to fish for alpha because it is badly overlooked: Subsector mispricing. This article will detail my process for weighting real estate subsectors, but more specifically which subsectors are better right now and why.

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