Tayler Herman

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Tayler is a top-performing operations, project, staff, and inventory management professional with an exemplary record of success overseeing, leading, and directing complex projects and programs while delivering multi-million-dollar revenue.

She is exceptional at delivering world-class customer experiences, building and strengthening critical stakeholder relationships, and retaining a solid client base and pipeline. Adept at working in an always changing environment, Tayler has proven herself and delivered visionary leadership as a Wine Club and Ownership Manager and Account Manager, with small and multi-million dollar companies. As forward-thinking operations, project, and program leader, she understands all the moving components involved in designing, developing, and implementing innovative strategies to drive revenue and improve profitability. She has demonstrated success in implementing innovative strategies to achieve $2.7M+ in revenue with an increase of $1M+ across multiple locations. Well-rounded skill set with operations management and leadership skills. Success serving as point leader for multiple CRM payment software systems, implementing communication tools, and promoting next-level customer service and optimal brand experiences.

What I’m Reading Currently

Excerpt from the 2022 Long Term Capital Market report from JP Morgan:

Investors face a clear choice. Traditional approaches to portfolio construction focused on liquid assets and mean-variance optimization will not satisfy their return requirements and may leave them exposed to higher levels of risk. From such a starting point, they can embrace change, or they can accept either higher risk or lower returns – possibly both. Embracing a full spectrum approach to asset allocation, and accepting the challenges associated with enhanced illiquidity, a more extended range of asset classes and enhanced nonnormality, can allow investors to bridge the gap between 60/40 returns and their own return targets and risk limits. While this shift will certainly present challenges, it also offers opportunities for flexible and thoughtful investors to deliver returns in excess of current targets while remaining within the boundaries of appropriate risk management.

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